Monday, 25 February 2013


Well, the brat has been with us for nearly 3 weeks now and quite honestly he is driving me maaaaaaad!!!

OK, so I softened a bit and made him feel a bit more welcome and now he is really playing on my good nature. He follows me everywhere. I can't do a thing without him being an inch away. He steals my ball when Herself is throwing it for me and I have to let him have a play with it.

He sleeps in my bed whenever he gets the chance and drags all manner of uncomfortable items into the bed, so that when I do get a chance to have a nap I find shoes, clothing, bones, toys, paper, brushes, balls and whatever else happens to be left around within his reach.

Sure he's very funny and very cute and we all get a laugh out of him, but he needs the occasional belting. I draw the line at my bones. Yesterday he tried to pinch a particularly juicy bone that I was in the process of eating. He got a sharp nip for his pains and did he ever holler. For once he was the one that got no sympathy from Herself.

Well, I was going to show you some more photos, but for some reason Blogger is not letting me do that today.  Some days nothing goes right. OK. Now it is, but I had to open a Picasa account to do it. Technology - will I ever get the hang of it?  Ooops!!  Now the bluddy photo has gone again. I give up!! I think if you click on the blank space it might show up. Maybe???

Well, now it's back again.  Just a shot of me exploring the water pipe. I did get a roasting for digging up the pipe.   Oops, now the photo has gone again. Weird!! I think the first attempts were too big. Seems to like little photos better.

And are Alfie and me friends?  Well, I guess so - or beginning to be anyway.


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