Friday, 15 February 2013

What's It All About?

Well, what a week I've had - the most traumatic in my life. Full of drama and unwelcome things.  But, let me go back and tell you all about it.

Me, feeling blue.

Since Jeb died I've been moping around fretting about losing my old mate, so much so that the Family decided - in their wisdom - that I needed a new mate.  Without asking me I might add!!!

Last Tuesday Herself came home from school waving the local paper. Dad and she pored over the newspaper, then finally they said, "OK, lets do it."  Then they decided to take me. Now I'm always up for a ride in the car, though not usually when they're both going, but I was game.

They pulled into a driveway and suddenly I could  hear dogs - hundreds of them, without a lie. I got left in the car thank heavens because I got a glimpse of dogs everywhere -  big red ones, black and white ones, a fierce looking Jackie, and a few other mongrel types. Well, maybe not hundreds, but more than I could handle on my own.

After a while Herself came back, opened the door and told me to hop out. No way!!! She grabbed me!!!!!!!

There weren't too many dogs around - they'd obviously been locked up, but She took me over to a little yard and put me down.  Suddenly I was besieged by a multitude of small hairy, yapping, jumping things - puppies!!  Seven of them. They were trying to jump on me, bite me, chew my tail, terrorise me.  I hid behind Herself's legs backing as far into a corner as I could. Not that I was afraid, you'll understand, but I needed time to collect my thoughts, plan my strategy, work out how to escape. I jumped the fence and headed for the car!!!

Next thing I knew a strange woman opened the door. "Come on Ollie, come and choose your little friend."  For a rash moment I did consider biting her, but wisdom prevailed and I submitted, though not happily.  Horror of horrors, she put me back in with the little monsters. I did the only thing I could think of. I jumped up onto Herself's lap and burrowed my head under her armpit. Maybe, I though, if I don't look, it will all go away.
Finally after what seemed hours of talk, we got back into the car and headed for home. Relief!!

You can imagine my absolute horror when, two days later, they disappeared for a while and came back with  this tiny, fluffy, black scrap of teeth and tail.

One of those puppies!!!
 How could they do this to me?? replace me with a younger model - one that piddled on the floor, carried on yelping when I growled - and I got a smack for that too. And of course it got all the attention. Sure, they made out they still liked me. I got patted and played with - but so did the pup.It even got to sleep on Mark's bed that night because it carried on when left in the doggy bed. Sure Mark made sure I slept there too - on the opposite side to the pup, but I knew it was just a transition period and very soon I would be ousted.

Making sure I don't get a chance to kill the brat!!

How I hated the little brat!!  Read the next post for more in this absorbing drama.


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