Sunday, 17 February 2013


Well after that first traumatic evening, things only got worse. The brat got all the attention and whenever I even looked at it, I got a smack. They wouldn't let me near it and it spent most of the next two days sleeping on Mark while he watched TV.
All it did was piddle, poop, eat, sleep and drive me mad when it woke up.  Spoilt brat. If I'd tried some of the things it got away with, I'd have copped a whalloping.

 Every time I tried to show it who was boss, it ran to someone to be rescued. It slept wherever it felt like it.

It even tried to steal my ball and I had to sit by and watch. I can tell you I was getting pretty fed up. 

Finally on Monday morning after an almost sleepless night, I snapped!!  I grabbed the brat by the scruff of the neck and shook it!!!!  Everyone yelled and the brat took of screaming blue murder. It finished up under the bed with me following.

Next moment Mark reached under the bed, and grabbed me and hauled me out by the scruff of the neck. Then he whalloped me.  Me!!!  Why should I get the whalloping. Me!!  Nothing wrong with the brat, but I was dripping blood from the nose where he had sunk his nasty sharp little fangs in.

Then to add to my indignity the Boss waited until Herself had gone off to school  and he dreamed up my punishment. I was attached to the leash and all day I had to walk around with either the Boss or Mark. Everytime I even so much as looked at the brat, there was a jerk on the leash and I was told off.  When Herself came home, she joined in and to make matters worse, she even smacked my nose each time I voiced my displeasure.

Of course they did try to make me feel one of the family and I got lots of pats and cuddles when I behaved, which was rather nice. After two days on the leash I had had enough  and I decided that the only solution was to try to put up with the brat  -  after all he was here to stay and I CAN ALWAYS AMBUSH HIM LATER WHEN NO ONE ELSE IS AROUND.

BUT, I am letting them all know that I have not given in gracefully and I have not forgiven anyone, especially Mark who smacked me.  I can hold a grudge for a long time!!!!!


PS.  By the way somewhere in all this the Boss decided to call the brat ALFIE - Alfonzo for formal occasions.  The name does kind of suit him.

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