Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My New Best Mate

Have to admit that the Brat has grown on me. He's actually pretty good fun most of the time and for obvious reasons he things I am the best thing since tinned dog food. We do play a lot together and now he's growing up I am allowed to be rougher with him.

Mind you he does drive me mad at times and needs a good rollicking, especially when he tries to get my bone. But most of the time we get along fine. The main time I get p....d off with him is when Herself comes home from somewhere and he tries to muscle in on the attention. That is just not on. She belongs to me!!!

He likes to run alongside me and hang on to my neck. I don't really mind except it gets a bit annoying as he does it all the time. This morning I got him a beauty. We'd been down to the veggie patch with Himself and I challenged Alfie to a race back to the house
. He runs like the wind, the little bugger.  Well he did his usual jumping at me and grabbing me by the neck as we ran. Herself's car was in the drive and he was so busy hassling me that he wasn't looking where he was going. I ran really close to the side of the car and WHAMMO!! he ran sraight into the car and did a sort of flip. To give him his due he's a tough little chap and he got up, shook himself and straight at me again. Nothing has changed.

He needs a warning to keep away at feed time. He's getting too close here.

He likes to pinch my bones.

He flogs my ball whenever he can.

He absolutely destroys shoes.

He hassles me constantly

But I guess he is kind of cute.

Ollie Needle

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