Sunday, 29 September 2013

Spring has sprung

I can't believe nothing has been added to my blog since May - unbelievable. It's not like Herself is run off her feet. She's retired for Heaven's sake!!

She's only teaching one day a week, has only 3 people to cook, shop, clean and wash for; only two dogs to manage and play with; only 3 acres of garden to keep under control; only one class of Aquaerobics to run; only 4 blogs to keep up to date with; only 4 family trees to work on and research for. She should be able to manage all that and keep up with my blog, but she is sooooo slack!!

Still, I'd better keep on her good side as she is the one who takes us for walks, provides the treats, plays ball and does my blog occasionally. Besides she is not really happy at the moment - computer troubles. Always makes her grumpy when she doesn't have complete control of everything.

Taken a couple of months back before Alfie started going grey.
Alfie and I are fit and healthy and getting along well, all things considered. He's not a bad little chap and he is a real clown. I've never heard the family laugh so much since he turned up. He does drive me mad sometimes when he wants to play. Jumps up and down on all fours like a rubber ball, slides his head along the ground with his bum in the air, rolls over and plays cute, bites my ears or my tail until I relent and chase him. And he's growing - as big as me now and nearly as heavy. He's not black any more but a sort of grey and black effect and very hairy!! And he has the most awful bark - really high but not yappy. He's also very naughty - won't come when he's called, choosing not to hear. Herself thinks he's not very bright, but I think he's faking the cute, dumb stuff.

Anyway here's a few photos to catch you up with the doggy side of the family.

Here is Alfie doing his cute thing. Herself finds it very hard to get cross with him because he does stuff like this that makes her laugh.

He was actually asleep sitting up just before this photo was taken.

Me scratching my tummy. I get very itchy and the grass helps scratch me.

Hey someone, come throw the ball!!

I know I saw something go under that rock!!

The hairy monster.

That's enough for now. I hope you enjoyed my photos.


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