Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Things in Trees

My family have a strange habit of wandering around looking up into the trees and calling out funny names.  The most recent one was "Kenneth".  Like "Kenneth, where are you?"

Or peering into bushes and shrubs and oohing and aahing, then saying, "Go away, Ollie".  "Lock that dog up!"

It was all very bewildering until I realised that there were things in the trees and bushes that they didn't want me to see.  Now I walk around with them looking up into the trees - and seeing nothing!!  But it gives them a laugh.

Today I did find something though - a bird's nest complete with a bird - one of those cheeky blackbirds who give me hell and dive bomb me when I am relaxing on the lawn with a particularly delicious old bone.

I did try to climb into the bush and check out the nest, but all I got was a smack for my efforts.  It's not like they even like black birds. She is always complaining abut the way they scratch all the mulch off the garden.  So when I try to help out, I am the one who gets told off.

Just can't work them out.

By the way, this is what they were looking at the other day - this is what they call Kenneth.

Can't see what all the fuss is about myself. Humans!! I just can't work them out.


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  1. Hi Ollie, nice to meet you. Mum and Dad saw a Kenneth the other day too. All our American friends were excited when we posted photos. Rory met your mum the other day at school. We hope to go again and visit Ashlee that mum used to care for. We have been to the Vets and been desexed (whatever the heck that means). No worries, and love, Stella and Rory