Sunday, 6 November 2011

So Long

I'll never understand humans. She was so keen to have me write a blog and then She went and left me high and dry and none of my fans had anything to read. I've finally got her back on track, but it has taken an age. Something about forgetting what email address and password she used to set it up.  I really hate computers. Every minute She spends on the computer is a minute less time She has to throw my ball for me.

And she wonders why I sulk.

It's a small world, isn't it. She was at school the other day when She saw one of her ex-mums with a gorgeous Great Dane pup. Of course She had to stop and pat it - She's a sucker for anything canine. Her friend told her that she had an American pen-pal and they had connected because they both had "doggie" blogs. Her American friend told her that she had come across another person from Lobethal with a "doggie" blog and wasn't that a coincidence considering how small Lobethal is!

Even more of a coincidence was the fact that ours was the other blog and we all knew each other.

More soon.


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