Friday, 22 April 2011

Meet Ollie

Hello there, I'm Ollie and this is my blog. As if my owner doesn't have enough to do, she has now decided to give me a blog. They all keep saying how smart I am and I'll soon be able to use the computer, so here I am set up with a blog.

Of course I am smart - most Jack Russells are - and I do a lot to help around the house - chase and occasionally catch mice, rats, birds, lizards, frogs, moths, grasshoppers and crickets etc. Have to admit I get into a lot of strife for catching most of these, except for mice and rats. I also help with the housework - chasing and trying to kill the broom and the mop, taking things out of cupboards, hiding things under chairs, destroying socks, chewing the reels of thread that are left around, guarding the clean clothes in the ironing basket, checking out the dishwasher when the door is open, barking at anyone who comes to the door - to name just a few of my talents.

I am planning to tell you a lot more about my exploits, to give lots of advice about dog handling - my favourite TV show is 'Dog Whisperer',  I never miss an episode - and generally seek to inform you about the thoughts and dreams of a Jack Russell.

That's me done for now. Catch you later.


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